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Jason Bret Harris
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Jason Bret Harris

Graduate Student (2009 - 2014)

Center for Molecular Biophysics
Building 2040
Room E352
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Oak Ridge , TN 37830
Work: (865) 241-9111


  1. The University of Tennessee Knoxville:
  2. B.S. Biochemistry,Cellular,and Molecular Biology
  3. Graduate School of Genome Science and Technology:
  4. PhD Student in Life Science & Computer Science Minor


I study the molecular interactions governing biological events. In doing this I apply molecular modeling and docking simulations in computational toxicology screening, biochemical pathway analysis, and structure-based drug discovery. I also explore the biological significance of a supramolecular non-covalent interaction called the anion-pi. Most of my research time is spent at a computer terminal but at times I can also be found at the bench experimentally validating my models.

Visit my website @ to find out more about me!