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Tongye Shen,  Assistant Professor
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Tongye Shen Assistant Professor

M407 Walters Life Sciences

Knoxville , TN 37996
Work: (865) 974-4088


  1. Ph.D. in Physics, UC-San Diego (2002)
  2. M.S. in Physics, UC-San Diego (2000)
  3. B.S. in Physics, Tsinghua U (1997)



Research Interest:

We specialize in using statistical and soft matter physics methods and advanced computational tools to understand stabilities and dynamic transitions of various molecular and cellular biosystems, from single biomolecules, assemblies, to cell dynamics. We work on several challenging problems, including i) cell swim/swarm and cell-cell communication, ii) how biomolecules function in extreme environments, iii) nonequilibrium dynamics of cell structures, and iv) signaling by co/post-translational modifications and protein-polysaccharide interactions.