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Abdali N, Parks JM, Haynes KM, Channey JL, Green AT, Wolloscheck D, Walker JK, Rybenkov VV, Baudry J, Smith JC, and Zgurskaya HI (2017).
Reviving antibiotics: efflux pump inhibitors that interact with AcrA, a membrane fusion protein of the AcrAB-TolC multidrug efflux pump.
Infectious Diseases, 3(1):89-98.

Chen H, Johnston RC, Mann BF, Chu RK, Tolic N, Parks JM, and Gu B (2017).
Identification of Mercury and Dissolved Organic Matter Complexes Using Ultra-high Resolution Mass Spectrometry.
Environmental Science & Technology Letters, 4:59-65.

Chowdhary J, Loeffler FF, and Smith JC (2017).
Community detection in sequence similarity networks based on attribute clustering.
PLOSone, 12(7):E0178650.

Cortini R, Cheng X, Smith JC, and Kornyshev AA (2017).
The tilt-dependent potential of mean force of a pair of DNA oligomers from all-atom molecular dynamics simulations.
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 29(8).

Dajnowicz S, Parks JM, Hu X, Gesler K, Kovalevsky AY, and Mueser TC (2017).
Direct evidence that an extended hydrogen-bonding network influences activation of pyridoxal 5′-phosphate in aspartate aminotransferase.
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 292:5970-5980.

Dale JB, Smeesters PR, Courtney HS, Penfound TA, Hohn CM, and Smith JC (2017).
Structure-based design of broadly protective group a streptococcal M protein-based vaccines.
Vaccine, 35(1):19-26.

Goins C, Dajnowicz S, Thanna S, Sucheck SJ, Parks JM, and Ronning DR (2017).
Exploring Covalent Allosteric Inhibition of Antigen 85C from Mycobacterium tuberculosis by Ebselen Derivatives.
Infectious Diseases, 3(5):378-387.

Haynes KM, Abdali N, Jhawar V, Hzurskaya HI, Parks JM, Green AT, Baudry J, Rybenkov V, Smith JC, and Walker JK (2017).
Identification and Structure–Activity Relationships of Novel Compounds that Potentiate the Activities of Antibiotics in Escherichia coli.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 60(14):6205-6219.

Liu Z, Huang J, Tyagi M, O'Neill H, Zhang Q, Mamontov E, Jain N, Wang Y, Zhang J, Smith JC, and Hong L (2017).
Dynamical Transition of Collective Motions in Dry Proteins.
Physical Review Letters, 119(4):48101.

Simakov N, Leonard DA, Smith JC, Wymore T, and Szarecka A (2017).
A Distal Disulfide Bridge in OXA-1 β-Lactamase Stabilizes the Catalytic Center and Alters the Dynamics of the Specificity Determining Ω Loop.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 121(15):3285-3296.

Smith JC (2017).
Pickin' up Good Vibrations.
Biophysical Journal, 112(5):829-830.

Toutounchian JJ, Pagadala J, Miller DD, Baudry J, Park F, Chaum E, and Yates CR (2017).
Novel Small Molecule JP-153 Targets the Src-FAK-Paxillin Signaling Complex to Inhibit VEGF-Induced Retinal Angiogenesis.
Molecular Pharmacology, 91(1).

Vandavasi VG, Langan PS, Weiss KL, Parks JM, Cooper JB, Ginell SL, and Coates L (2017).
Active-site Protonation States in an Acyl-enzyme Intermediate of a Class A β-lactamase with a Monobactam Substrate.
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 61(1).

Vural D, Hu X, Lindner B, Jain N, Miao Y, Cheng X, Liu Z, Hong L, and Smith J (2017).
Quasielastic Neutron Scattering in Biology: Theory and Applications. .
Biochimica and Biophysica Acta - General Subjects, 1861(1):3638-3650.

Xiao Z, Riccardi D, Velazquez HA, Chin AL, Yates CR, Carrick JD, Baudry J, Smith JC, and Quarles LD (2017).
A Computationally Identified Compound Antagonizes Excess FGF-23 Signaling in Renal Tubules and a Mouse Model of Hypophosphatemia.
Science Signaling, 9(455):ra113.

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