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Pavlova A, Parks JM, Oyelere AK, and Gumbart JC (In Press).
Toward the rational design of macrolide antibiotics to combat resistance.
Chemical Biology & Drug Design.

Zhou J, Smith MD, Cooper SJ, Cheng X, Smith JC, and Parks JM (In Press).
Modeling of the Passive Permeation of Mercury and Methylmercury Complexes Through a Bacterial Cytoplasmic Membrane.
Environmental Science & Technology.

Dajnowicz S, Johnston R, Parks J, Blakeley M, Keen D, Weiss KL, Gerlits O, Kovalevsky A, and Mueser TC (Accepted).
Direct visualization of critical hydrogen atoms in a pyridoxal 5'-phosphate enzyme.
Nature Communications.

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