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Computer Sources

Generic Plant Cell Wall and its Deconstruction for Bioenergy

Organization: ORNL Leadership Cputing Facility (OLCF) INCITE Award
Principal Investigator: Jeremy Smith, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Co-Investigators: Xiaolin Cheng, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Loukas Petridis, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Machine (Allocation): TITAN

Molecular Dynamic Simulation of Proteins Dynamics and Lignocellulosic Biomass

Organization: National Energy Research Scientific Computer Center (NERSC)
Prinicipal Investigator: Jeremy Smith
ALLOCATION: 12 million core-hours
Platform: Edison/Cori Supercomputers at NERSC

A High-Throughput Computational Method to Detect Allostery in Biomolecular Complexes

Organization: National Science Foundation (NSF) XSEDE program
Prinicipal Investigator: Tongye Shen
Allocation: 243,484 core-hours
Platform: Texas Advanced Computing Center’s STAMPEDE
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