BCMB 420 Sec 003 Advanced Topics in BCMB (3h)

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BCMB 520 Sec 005: Special Topics  (3h)

BCMB 560 Sec 001 Advanced Concepts in Structural Biology/Biochemistry (3h)

BCMB 610 Sec 007 Current Topics in BCMB (3h) 

Location: UT, Walters M313
Time:  Wednesday, 4:30pm to 5:45pm, 
            Friday, 11:00am to 12:15pm 
Instructors: Jeremy Smith, Hong Guo, Jerome Baudry, Tongye Shen 

Title:  Introduction to Molecular Biophysics

This course will be a discussion of current themes in molecular biophysics, suitable for motivated senior undergraduates and graduate students in physics, chemistry, computer science and biochemistry. Special emphasis will be on technologies with which Oak Ridge National Laboratory leads the world i.e., neutron scattering and computer simulation. Topics to be covered include an introduction to structural biology, quantum chemistry and force fields, normal modes, molecular dynamics, protein folding, structural change, neutron scattering and diffraction, protein physics and the glass transition, solvation, biomembranes and ion pumps, protein complexes, petascale supercomputing, multiscaling, bioenergy, ligand binding and drug design and enzyme reactions. Examination will take place in the form of graded student presentations during the last 3 or 4 lecture periods.