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Parks JM, Johs A (2018)
Mercury methylation genes in bacteria and archaea
Oak Ridge National Lab.(ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)

Dajnowicz S, Parks JM, Hu X, Johnston RC, Kovalevsky AY, Mueser TC (2018)
Hyperconjugation promotes catalysis in a pyridoxal 5’-phosphate-dependent enzyme
ACS Catalysis, 8(7), 6733-6737

Cooper SJ, Krishnamoorthy G, Wolloscheck D, Walker JK, Rybenkov VV, Parks JM, Zgurskaya HI (2018)
Molecular Properties that Define the Activities of Antibiotics in Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
ACS infectious diseases, 4(8), 1223-1234

Lian P, Johnston RC, Parks JM, Smith JC (2018)
Quantum Chemical Calculation of pKas of Environmentally Relevant Functional Groups: Carboxylic Acids, Amines and Thiols in Aqueous Solution
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 122 (17), 4366-4374

Pavlova A, Parks JM, Gumbart JC (2018)
Development of CHARMM-compatible force-field parameters for cobalamin and related cofactors from quantum mechanical calculations
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 14 (2), 784-798

Close D, Cooper S, Wang X, Giannone RJ, Engle NL, Tschaplinski TJ, Hedstrom L, Parks JM, Michener JK (2018)
Horizontal transfer of a pathway for coumarate catabolism unexpectedly inhibits purine nucleotide biosynthesis
bioRxiv, 315036

Langan PS, Vandavasi VG, Cooper SJ, Weiss KL, Ginell SL, Parks JM, Coates L (2018)
Substrate Binding Induces Conformational Changes in a Class A β-lactamase That Prime It for Catalysis
ACS Catal. 8 (3), 2428-2437

Goins CM, Dajnowicz S, Smith MD, Parks JM, Ronning DR (2018)
Mycolyltransferase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis in covalent complex with tetrahydrolipstatin provides insights into Antigen 85 catalysis
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 293, 3651-3662

Kanzler CR, Lian P, Trainer EL, Yang X, Govind N, Parks JM, Graham AM (2018)
Emerging investigator series: Methylmercury speciation and dimethylmercury production in sulfidic solutions
Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, 20 (4), 584-594

Smith JC, Tan P, Petridis L, Hong L (2018)
Dynamic Neutron Scattering by Biological Systems
Annual review of biophysics, 47, 335-354

Yang H, Watts HD, Gibilterra V, Weiss TB, Petridis L, Cosgrove DJ, Kubicki JD (2018)
Quantum Calculations on Plant Cell Wall Component Interactions
Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Sciences, 1-11

Vural D, Smith JC, Petridis L (2018)
Dynamics of the lignin glass transition
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 20 (31), 20504-20512

Vural D, Gainaru C, O’Neill H, Pu Y, Smith MD, Parks JM, Pingali SV, Mamontov E, Davison BH, Sokolov AP, Ragauskas AJ, Smith JC, Petridis L (2018)
Impact of hydration and temperature history on the structure and dynamics of lignin
Green Chemistry, 20 (7), 1602-1611

Kumar R, Bhagia S, Smith MD, Petridis L, Ong RG, Cai CM, Mittal A, Himmel MH, Balan V, Dale BE, Ragauskas AJ, Smith JC, Wyman CE (2018)
Cellulose–hemicellulose interactions at elevated temperatures increase cellulose recalcitrance to biological conversion
Green Chemistry, 20 (4), 921-934

Moyer P, Smith MD, Abdoulmoumine N, Chmely SC, Smith JC, Petridis L, Labbé N (2018)
Relationship between lignocellulosic biomass dissolution and physicochemical properties of ionic liquids composed of 3-methylimidazolium cations and carboxylate anions
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 20 (4), 2508-2516

Yang H, Wang T, Oehme D, Petridis L, Hong M, Kubicki JD (2018)
Structural factors affecting 13C NMR chemical shifts of cellulose: a computational study
Cellulose 25 (1), 23-36

Chirico G, Gansen A, Leuba SH, Olins AL, Olins DE, Smith JC, Tóth K (2018)
Jörg Langowski: his scientific legacy and the future it promises
BMC biophysics, 11 (1), 5

Vural D, Smith JC, Glyde HR (2018)
Determination of Dynamical Heterogeneity from Dynamic Neutron Scattering of Proteins
Biophysical journal, 114 (10), 2397-2407

Pi M, Kapoor K, Ye R, Hwang D, Miller DD, Smith JC, Baudry J, Quarles LD (2018)
Computationally identified novel agonists for GPRC6A
PloS one, 13 (4), e0195980

Pi M, Kapoor K, Ye R, Smith JC, Baudry J, Quarles LD (2018)
GPCR6A is a Molecular Target for the Natural Products Gallate and EGCG in Green Tea
Molecular nutrition & food research, 62 (8), 1700770

Amaro RE, Baudry J, Chodera J, Demir Ö, McCammon JA, Miao Y, Smith JC (2018)
Ensemble Docking in Drug Discovery
Biophysical journal, 114 (10), 2271-2278

Elghobashi-Meinhardt N, Phatak P, Bondar A, Elstner M, Smith JC (2018)
Catalysis of Ground State cis trans Isomerization of Bacteriorhodopsin’s Retinal Chromophore by a Hydrogen-Bond Network
The Journal of membrane biology, 1-13

Kovalevsky A, Aggarwal M, Velazquez H, Cuneo MJ, Blakeley MP, Weiss KL, Smith JC, Fisher SZ, McKenna R (2018)
” To Be or Not to Be” Protonated: Atomic Details of Human Carbonic Anhydrase-Clinical Drug Complexes by Neutron Crystallography and Simulation
Structure, 26 (3), 383-390. e3

Velazquez HA, Riccardi D, Xiao Z, Quarles LD, Yates CR, Baudry J, Smith JC (2018)
Ensemble docking to difficult targets in early‐stage drug discovery: Methodology and application to fibroblast growth factor 23
Chemical biology & drug design, 91 (2), 491-504

Xiao Z, Baudry J, Cao L, Huang J, Chen H, Yates CR, Li W, Dong B, Waters CM, Smith JC, Quarles LD (2018)
Polycystin-1 interacts with TAZ to stimulate osteoblastogenesis and inhibit adipogenesis
The Journal of clinical investigation, 128 (1), 157-174

Johnson QR, Mostofian B, Gomez GF, Smith JC, Cheng X (2018)
Effects of carotenoids on lipid bilayers
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 20 (5), 3795-3804

Lindsay RJ, Pham B, Shen T, McCord RP (2018)
Characterizing the 3D structure and dynamics of chromosomes and proteins in a common contact matrix framework
Nucleic Acids Research, 46 (16), 8143-8152

Lindsay RJ, Siess J, Lohry DP, McGee TS, Ritchie JS, Johnson QR, Shen T (2018)
T. Characterizing protein conformations by correlation analysis of coarse-grained contact matricesPhysical Chemistry Chemical
The Journal of Chemical Physics, 148 (2), 025101

Johnson QR, Lindsay RJ, Shen T  (2018)
CAMERRA: An Analysis Tool for the Computation of Allosteric Mechanism by Evaluating Residue-Residue Associations
Journal of Computational Chemistry, 39 (20), 1568-1578




Dajnowicz S, Johnston RC, Parks JM, Blakeley MP, Keen DA, Weiss KL, Gerlits O, Kovalevsky A, Mueser TC (2017)
Direct visualization of critical hydrogen atoms in a pyridoxal 5′-phosphate enzyme
Nature communications, 8 (1), 955

Zhou J, Smith MD, Cooper SJ, Cheng X, Smith JC, Parks JM (2017)
Modeling of the Passive Permeation of Mercury and Methylmercury Complexes Through a Bacterial Cytoplasmic Membrane
Environmental science & technology, 51 (18), 10595-10604

Haynes KM, Abdali N, Jhawar V, Zgurskaya HI, Parks JM, Green AT, Baudry J, Rybenkov VV, Smith JC, Walker JK (2017)
Identification and Structure–Activity Relationships of Novel Compounds that Potentiate the Activities of Antibiotics in Escherichia coli
Journal of medicinal chemistry, 60 (14), 6205-6219

Pavlova A, Parks JM, Oyelere AK, Gumbart JC (2017)
Toward the rational design of macrolide antibiotics to combat resistance
Chemical Biology & Drug Design, 90 (5), 641-652

Goins CM, Dajnowicz S, Thanna S, Sucheck SJ, Parks JM, Ronning DR (2017)
Exploring covalent allosteric inhibition of antigen 85C from Mycobacterium tuberculosis by ebselen derivatives
ACS Infectious Diseases, 3 (5), 378-387

Dajnowicz S, Parks JM, Hu X, Gesler K, Kovalevsky AY, Mueser TC (2017)
Direct evidence that an extended hydrogen bonding network influences activation of pyridoxal 5′-phosphate in aspartate aminotransferase
Journal of Biological Chemistry, M116. 774588

Chen H, Johnston RC, Mann BF, Chu RK, Tolic N, Parks JM, Gu B (2017)
Identification of Mercury and Dissolved Organic Matter Complexes Using Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry
Environmental Science & Technology Letters, 4 (2), 59-65

Vandavasi VG, Langan PS, Weiss KL, Parks JM, Cooper JB, Ginell SL, Coates L (2017)
Active-site protonation states in an acyl-enzyme intermediate of a class A β-lactamase with a monobactam substrate
Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy, 61 (1), e01636-16

Abdali N, Parks JM, Haynes KM, Chaney JL, Green AT, Wolloscheck D, Walker JK, Rybenkov VV, Baudry J, Smith JC, Zgurskaya HI (2017)
Reviving antibiotics: efflux pump inhibitors that interact with AcrA, a membrane fusion protein of the AcrAB-TolC multidrug efflux pump
ACS Infectious Diseases, 3 (1), 89-98 

O’neill H, Pingali SV, Petridis L, He J, Mamontov E, Hong L, Urban V, Evans B, Langan P, Smith JC, Davison BH (2017)
Dynamics of water bound to crystalline cellulose
Scientific Reports, 7 (1), 11840

Polimeni M, Petridis L, Smith JC, Arcangeli C (2017)
Dynamics at a Peptide–TiO2 Anatase (101) Interface
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 121 (38), 8869-8877

Nickels JD, Chatterjee S, Mostofian B, Stanley CB, Ohl M, Zolnierczuk P, Schulz R, Myles DA, Standaert RF, Elkins JG, Cheng X, Katsaras J (2017)
Bacillus subtilis Lipid Extract, A Branched-Chain Fatty Acid Model Membrane
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 8 (17), 4214-4217

Nickels JD, Chatterjee S, Stanley CB, Qian S, Cheng X, Myles DA, Standaert RF, Elkins JG, Katsaras J (2017)
The in vivo structure of biological membranes and evidence for lipid domains
PLoS biology, 15 (5), e2002214

Wall JS, Williams A, Stuckey A, Martin EB, Richey T, Wooliver C, Heidel RE, Cheng X, Kennel SJ (2017)
Probing the structural requirements of polybasic peptides for effective and specific amyloid reactivity
Amyloid, 24 (sup1), 30-31

Nickels JD, Chatterjee S, Stanley CB, Qian S, Cheng X, Myles DA, Standaert RF, Elkins JG, Katsaras J (2017)
Neutron scattering to study membrane systems: from lipid vesicles to living cells.
Oak Ridge National Lab.(ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)

Wall JS, Williams A, Martin EB, Cheng X, Kennel SJ (2017)
Serendipitous inhibition of Aβ and rVλ6Wil amyloid fibril growth by bi-functional peptides.
Amyloid, 24 (sup1), 32-33

Perticaroli S, Ehlers G, Stanley C, Mamontov E, O’Neill H, Zhang Q, Cheng X, Myles DA, Katsaras J, Nickels JD (2017)
Description of Hydration Water in Protein (GFP) Solution
Biophysical Journal, 112 (3), 201a

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Biophysical Journal, 112 (3), 224a

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Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-General Subjects, 1861 (1), 3638-3650

Perticaroli S, Mostofian B, Ehlers G, Neuefeind JC, Diallo SO, Stanley CB, Daemen L, Egami T, Katsaras J, Cheng X, Nickels JD (2017)
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Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19 (38), 25859-25869

He H, Weir RL, Toutounchian JJ, Pagadala J, Steinle JJ, Baudry J, Miller DD, Yates CR (2017)
The quinic acid derivative KZ-41 prevents glucose-induced caspase-3 activation in retinal endothelial cells through an IGF-1 receptor dependent mechanism
PloS one 12 (8), e0180808

Jing X, Falcon WE, Baudry J, Serpersu EH (2017)
Thermophilic Enzyme or Mesophilic Enzyme with Enhanced Thermostability: Can We Draw a Line?
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 121 (29), 7086-7094

Dale JB, Smeesters PR, Courtney HS, Penfound TA, Hohn CM, Smith JC, Baudry JY (2017)
Structure-based design of broadly protective group a streptococcal M protein-based vaccines
Vaccine 35 (1), 19-26

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Community detection in sequence similarity networks based on attribute clustering.
PLOSone, 12(7):E0178650.

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The tilt-dependent potential of mean force of a pair of DNA oligomers from all-atom molecular dynamics simulations.
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 29(8).

Dale JB, Smeesters PR, Courtney HS, Penfound TA, Hohn CM, and Smith JC (2017).
Structure-based design of broadly protective group a streptococcal M protein-based vaccines.
Vaccine, 35(1):19-26.

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Dynamical Transition of Collective Motions in Dry Proteins.
Physical Review Letters, 119(4):48101.

Simakov N, Leonard DA, Smith JC, Wymore T, and Szarecka A (2017).
A Distal Disulfide Bridge in OXA-1 β-Lactamase Stabilizes the Catalytic Center and Alters the Dynamics of the Specificity Determining Ω Loop.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 121(15):3285-3296.

Smith JC (2017).
Pickin’ up Good Vibrations.
Biophysical Journal, 112(5):829-830.

Toutounchian JJ, Pagadala J, Miller DD, Baudry J, Park F, Chaum E, and Yates CR (2017).
Novel Small Molecule JP-153 Targets the Src-FAK-Paxillin Signaling Complex to Inhibit VEGF-Induced Retinal Angiogenesis.
Molecular Pharmacology, 91(1).

Xiao Z, Riccardi D, Velazquez HA, Chin AL, Yates CR, Carrick JD, Baudry J, Smith JC, and Quarles LD (2017).
A Computationally Identified Compound Antagonizes Excess FGF-23 Signaling in Renal Tubules and a Mouse Model of Hypophosphatemia.
Science Signaling, 9(455):ra113.

Bondar, AN, Smith JC (2017).
Protonation–state‐Coupled Conformational Dynamics in Reaction Mechanisms of Channel and Pump Rhodopsins
Photochemistry and photobiology, 93 (6), 1336-1344




Aggarwal M, Kovalevsky A, Velazquez H, Zoeuml S, Smith J, and McKenna R (2016).
Neutron Structure of Human Carbonic Anhydrase II in Complex with Methazolamide: Mapping the Solvent and H-Bonding Patterns of an Effective Clinical Drug.
IUCrJ, 3(5):319-325.

Arbelo-Lopez HD, Simakov NA, Smith JC, Lopez-Garriga J, and Wymore T (2016).
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The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 120(30):7319-7331.

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The Journal of Physical Chemistry B.

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The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 120(30):7307-7318.

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Biochemistry, 55(43):6056-6069.

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Discovery of Novel Nonactive Site Inhibitors of the Prothrombinase Enzyme Complex.
The Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, 56(3):535-547.

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Relative Binding Affinities of Monolignols to Horseradish Peroxidase.
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