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Adam Taylor Green
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Adam Taylor Green

Graduate Research Assistant

UT-ORNL Graduate School of Genome Science and Technology

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
P.O. Box 2008
1 Bethel Valley Road
Building 2040, E-352
Oak Ridge , TN 37831

Work: (865) 241-6769


  1. B.S Biology,Chemistry
  2. Wake Forest University


I previously performed research with Physics and Computer Science Professor Samuel Cho at Wake Forest in his computational biophysics lab. My research focused on nucleic acid modelling, MD simulations, and structure-based drug design. 
 I am a graduate student working with Jerry Parks, Jerome Baudry, and Jeremy Smith. I work on structure-based drug discovery involving high-throughput virtual screening, CHARMM force field parameterization, and molecular dynamic simulations of potential ligands for the E.coli multidrug resistant effux pump adaptor AcrA and AcrB. 
Leuchter JDGreen ATGilyard JRambarat CGCho SS. Coarse-grained and atomistic MD simulations of RNA and DNA folding. Israel J. Chem. Special Issue: 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry: Computational Chemistry of Biomolecules, 2014, 54: 1152–1164.