Adam Taylor Green

Graduate Research Assistant

Email: [email protected]

Work: 865.123.4567 


Oak Ridge National Laboratory 
P.O. Box 2008 
1 Bethel Valley Road 
Building 2040, E-352 
Oak Ridge , TN 37831

Work(865) 241-6769

Education / Biography

B.S Biology,Chemistry

Wake Forest University



Research Interests

 I previously performed research with Physics and Computer Science Professor Samuel Cho at Wake Forest in his computational biophysics lab. My research focused on nucleic acid modelling, MD simulations, and structure-based drug design. I am a graduate student working with Jerry Parks, Jerome Baudry, and Jeremy Smith. I work on structure-based drug discovery involving high-throughput virtual screening, CHARMM force field parameterization, and molecular dynamic simulations of potential ligands for the E.coli multidrug resistant effux pump adaptor AcrA and AcrB. 





  • Leuchter JD, Green AT, Gilyard J, Rambarat CG, Cho SS. Coarse-grained and atomistic MD simulations of RNA and DNA folding. Israel J. Chem. Special Issue: 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry: Computational Chemistry of Biomolecules, 2014, 54: 1152–1164.